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2003-05-13 06:32:50 (UTC)


For the past couple of days my mother has been hinting
around that it's okay if I move to Boston, but she will
miss me terribly.

Okay, now, whoever said I was moving to Boston?! I
mentioned that I wanted to go to Boston this summer to
visit my best friend when she gets back from London, but I
never said ANYTHING about moving there.

It's strange. I don't know how that thought popped into
her head. I can't just up and move without a place to live
or a job to go to. I need more preparation and planning
than that.

But I'm also 23. And living at home. I've been saying that
it's time for a change for a long time. Is that time
coming sooner than I realize? I am not a fan of surprises.
I would rather know so that I can plan. I do not think
well on my feet and do much better if I have a plan.

But life doesn't work that way, does it. There is no
crystal ball.

I want a crystal ball.


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