Euphoric Nothingness
2003-05-13 05:11:27 (UTC)

Interesting Stuff

What's happenin my peoples? A lot has happened over the
past few days. So let's jump right in.....

Well the biggest thing this weekend was Nicole. She hung
out with me on Friday night, twice on Saturday and we
worked out together Sunday. Friday night, we watched The
Matrix (then i explained it to her). On Saturday, I got to
meet her roommate Kevin. He seems like a cool guy. I also
got to meet her ex-b/f James. I don't know about you but
it's awkward meeting a girl's ex. I left shortly there
after, when James got into an argument with his ride. That
stuff is none of my business, and I have no need to put
myself into that situation.

I got an interesting message from somebody (I have my
suspects) about the whole Nicole situation. It was
from "[email protected]" at 9PM this evening and stated:

"earth and air signs don't mix!! they don't complement each
other... so you're right. if you get together, it will
either be very very good or very very bad."

That is basically how I feel about the whole situation.
It's either an all or nothing I suppose. I think that if
we did get together, we would know real quick as to if it
was meant to be.

This week she wants to shave the burns! Ahhhhhhhh! We may
have to compromise or something on that one because, as we
all know, I love my burns. I told her that if I do agree
to this, we have to videotape it. My mom would love to see

So anyways there is more than Nicole going on. I started
Summer School last week. Right now, I am taking European
History I and Scopes and Methods of Political Science. So
far, so good. I have 100% in both classes. As long as I
don't fall behind, I believe I will be just fine.

The job at the Library is going well so far. It's easy but
there are some lazy people that work there. Today, my
supervisor Mary, told me I had an outside project. All I
had to do was take a cart of books from the Library to the
Education Building. When I came back and asked her what
kind of project that was, she explained that people whine
and nag about that stuff at the Library. I am now assured
that the Library job is a joke.

However, Wendy's is still a bunch of garbage. My #2 guy on
the night crew sudden;y quit on Sunday afternoon. I don't
blame him one bit since he got a job helping install AC
units. I told them 3 months ago what was going to happen,
and I was ignored. So now look who's laughing now.

Unfortinately it;s 1AM and I have to be back at the Library
at 7:30. SO it's off to bed for me. Hopefully I'll get to
finish this either tomorrow or Wednesday. Until then, when
you see a hot brunette, don't forget to say "that hair's
gonna look nice when the light's out". Peace.

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