Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-05-13 03:47:38 (UTC)

an old note from a random reader...

wish i had more like

Timestamp: 2002-01-04 00:54:10 GMT

---chuckling faintly, if such a thing is possible online,
or anywhere in a world of false amusement belying true

you'll never make a meeting with Enistein. Nor will I.
Nor will any others, but we both knew that...didn't we?

My favorite author---the ever-proposedly-boring remind Me of him, wandering through life,
pious where and when needed, yet the imagination is a thing
beyond reigning.

I *do* hope that you never lose yours.

--continues to peruse your diary open for the naked seeing
eyes of any, and the more innate seeing eye of the Few----