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2003-05-13 03:29:34 (UTC)

At work today--my boss and I..

At work today--my boss and I were talking about
Philadelphia (he used to live there)-and I was thinking
about how ironic the last nite beforeI left Philly was..
I was sitting in a diner with my mother...and there was
this fucking hot guy sitting by us at another table...and
he just comes over and sits next to me and introduces
himself. We start talking, and I come to find out he's a
tattoo artist/piercer and he is 33....hah. So we talk for
maybe 20 mins...I was kind of cold the whole time because
the only person on my mind at that point was Mike, and
getting back as soon as I could to be with him. So this guy
ends up saying ..."come hang out with me tonight" ..and I
was like "I'm leaving tomorrow morning to move back to
Austin Texas" and he was like "you can't leave till you
hang out with me" (Does this sound familiar at all!?!) and
I was like..."sorry"..and he's like "I'll tattoo you and or
pierce you for free, come on you can't miss an oportunity
like that one" and I was like "sorry, I'm gonna
pass" He gave me his number anyway...I never called
of course....and I left the next day. I guess it was a
REALLY good thing I didn't come back in the very begining
when Mike was asking me to..(becasue I would still have
doubts about my Mother and because I'm obviously not THAT
fucking important to Mike), or not leave Austin in the
first place ..because of him. Because if I really mattered
to him he'd call me when he says he's going to call, and he
would just want ME (now--no bullshit excuses, no Mike-made
doubts that he put in his own damn head). It's funny
because something he said to me not too long ago comes to
mind when I think about it now "when you can't be with the
one you love, love the one you're with" and I guess I'm the
one he was with until he could find someone else to love.
I'm glad I was of some use. I'll tell you thought, that man
falls in love with every fucking girl he's with. I'm not so
special at all. I guess I'm just bitter, whta can I say?

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