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2003-05-13 02:52:54 (UTC)

It's Been A While...

Hmm, it's been a long time since I wrote in this. I guess alot has
happened... or maybe not. I can't be too sure.

I did indeed quit badminton. What a stinky boring sport that is.
Haha, actually I just quit cuz, in a nutshell, Toth said I sucked.
That was enought for me. That's just not my sport, Haha.

For the first time in my life I can really honestly say I hate every
aspect of school. I hate just being 10 feet away from it. It's
terrible. I think I hate every teacher there (not that I liked any
to start out with) and I just don't have any motivation to do work.
It used to be like, better do work... it'll make me smart! But
nooooo, not any more. The Holocaust is over people, why do we need
to remember?!

Dance carnival and festival have been happened lately. Our studio
did pretty good in both. Carnival all my dances got first. Festival
all of them got second (tougher competition). So ya, that was pretty

Track also started. We had a meet in Swift Current last weekend. For
the few people we actually had, we cleaned up! Haha. Chris, Scott
and me had all the golds. Chris had 2, I had 3, Scott had 4 and the
guys got one in relay. Then this past weekend was the MJ
Invitational where we didn't do so great at. I got a first a second
and a third and then they booted me out of 100m for some reason I'm
still not sure of... those fags!

As for life, it's still going. Me and Jordan have been going out for
a year as of May 1st. Hooray! Friends are good for the most part. We
all have our days... But ya, I've been pretty grumpy lately so I
thought I'd say a big I'M SORRY to everyone that I've been mean to.
Not that anyone ever reads this but they're just missing out on an
apology :P

Well that about sums up things lately I guess. Probably forgot some
but you know me, I have a hard time remembering what I did last
night so you're just lucky I thought up all of this

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