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2003-05-13 00:22:49 (UTC)


damn. i really am beginning to wonder if he likes me.
its soo unfair that he can make me feel like this.
i hate it.
but i enjoy it.
i wish he would like me the same way i like him. This is making me
my life is full of needs that everbody needs. i just feel i need
someone. I want to be loved. I want a person in my life. I
need that one special person. Plz let it be him. My
friends may think i am insane.. or i am too young to be
talking this way. but what can i say? its just how i feel.
I hope no one out there thinks i am crazy. a lot of ppl
feel the way I feel. I am sure of it. for being 16 i sure don't
feel it. I want him.. thats not so bad, is it? is it? i mean i am
not going to go hunting for him like some obsessive
maniac? nope not at all. I just would like him to want me too.

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