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2003-05-13 00:05:08 (UTC)


I've spent most of the day putting the binding on the Fence
Rail quilt. It's been frustrating. I have two corners left
to do and I have to say I'm not happy with how it's turned
out. I think it's because I need more practice putting on
binding. I HATE putting on bindings! But I can't bring the
quilt to the quilt show without it and it is a beautiful
quilt so there you go. **sigh**

I've laundered two of the other quilts I want to show and
I'll need to check all of them for loose applique pieces and
binding and also stray threads.

John called me from work twice today. The first time it was
to complain he only had two desserts. Hmmph! "Where's the
peach cobbler that was in my lunchbox yesterday? I didn't
eat it." "I forgot it. It's still in the refrigerator.
You can have it tomorrow." He also complained that there
was too much cheese in the sandwich. Hmmph again!

I told him the mail had come and I'd gotten the cell phone
bill. His sister and parents had driven to California a few
weeks ago and he'd given his mother the extra cell phone in
case of emergency. Apparently his sister felt this meant
she could make "free" phone calls and ran up the bill.
Unfortunately, there are roaming charges and they are
expensive. He said he would talk to his mother about it.

His second phone call started out more playful. He
pretended he was Arnold and asked if my husband was home.
"No", I told him "but you'd better not come over as Maria
might not be too understanding." He told me someone had
brought in a pie from Costco and he'd tasted it. We'd had a
discussion about my apple pies. I told him I liked the
apples a little bit firm but not raw and not mushy either.
He likes them soft (which to me, means mushy). He said the
Costco pie tasted like it was full of raw apples. I told
him the ladies at Meals on Wheels had discussed the Costco
apple pies and had complained of the same thing. I stand by
the way I make them--firm but not crisp and not mushy
either. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to make apple
pies or peach pies for the quilt show.