lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-05-12 23:47:22 (UTC)

on friday i

got up at 6 am.  took a shower, left for the a.p. test.  took the
a.p. test and felt pretty good about it.  loved the dbq. went straight
to my hair appointment with mitra. got laughed at by mal and
megan while mitra did my hair and i spazzed out over
everything.  ate quizno's. got home and had my mom rip out the
front half of my updo.  fixed my hair.  did my makeup and put on my
went to the azbell's house.  took pictures for over an hour.   
realized my wallet (with my i.d.) was at home and sent my dad
home for it.  found my wallet in my backpack (at kevin's house) and
kicked myself in the head.  got into the limo and sat between matt
and joey.  drank sprite and listened to dirty rap songs.
got to the gene autry (slash ZOO apparently), stood in line
forever and a day, saw meg and kristi ballin' it up as security.  
was robbed of my gum.  sat at a table.  moved to different tables
so we could be near the security guy and the golf carts.  went to
take pictures, which took a while.  somehow lost the second rose
off my corsage (just ten seconds after taking the picture..phew).  
waited for everyone else to take pictures.  chilled with meg at
her little table of joy.
hit the dance floor.  stood around being lame until we finally
started dancing and feeling super-lame.  but it was the fun kind
of lame, eh?  greg and i did our roxbury dance.  joey busted out a
few kari moves.  megan is the champ of FK dances
worldwide.  matt
went his jolly way and made us all sad.  haha.

on saturday i

got into the limo.  almost fell asleep about fifty times, but meg
kept me awake with the faces she made in the mirror.  changed at
the azbell's.  rode in kevin's car to the henry's.  woke up anna
and she introduced me to my brother's new girlfriend.  hopped in
steve and drove to the boys & girls club.  stood in line with
chris for thirty minutes before we could get in.  got into the big
shabang and sat around for a long time.  sat and sat and sat.  got
coffee at 3 am, which was incredibly unhealthy for megan.  and for
me.  i peed every ten minutes.  talked to coach while no one came
to play cards at his table.  sat and sat.  
got reeeeally reeeeally hyper once it was all over.  went to
denny's and got momentarily confused and disgusted.  ate frosted
flakes and got attacked by beastly weirdoes at the infamous
denny's.  went outside and decided to go to lazerstar.  realized
lazerstar is never open at 7 am.  drove to the beach and wandered
around trying to skip giant stones.  plopped on the giant blanket
and fell asleep for a few minutes.  woke up and tried to ditch
matt.  finally left the beach and drove home.  got home.
went to target to drop of my pictures. went home and took a
shower. went to topper's for lunch. came home and got into bed
and looked at my pictures.
didn't sleep a wink cuz anna stormed on over and took me to her
house. looked at joey's new car and named her. played the guitar
and sang in the middle of their driveway. kind of watched "beverly
hills ninja"/played with tonka/read magazines/drew pictures/read
mrs. henry's "fatty grandma" notes. wow. drove around in
christalena. ate pizza. went home. slept. meghan came in and i
think i muttered something in my delirium. who knows?

on sunday i

woke up. went back to sleep. woke up. went back to sleep.
lather, rinse, repeat. meghan woke up too. we did our hair. we
left for church. we got gas with the speedpass. yes, the
speedpass. we went to church. i wore my dress and people
laughed at me. had a talk on proverbs, which is quite coincidental
since my life is a talk on proverbs. went to bagels. went back to
church and played with faithy. went home and bbqed with my
mom dad bro bamma isabel and gregger. dropped off pics. went
to the movies...left the movie...went to in n out...went to the real
movie...went home...stayed up late.