Fun Size

Jimmy fell off the cliff again?
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2003-05-12 23:14:28 (UTC)

today is the day of the day

Yeah i stayed home today and slept. That means i didn't do
anything stupid, which is a good thing. i slept from 12 30
till four so that was good. i walked around my house till
about five and then i cam downstairs and started talking
to people. i started thinking about some of the things i
would like to do and one of them i can do tomorrow, but
i'm not so sure if it's such a good idea. i want to do
flips off the bleachers in my school gym on to these big
fluffy mats, but would that classify as stupid? i hope
someone tells me before tomorrow. i just finished burning
two cds for a kid at school so i am gonna just go back to
talking to people. and one more thing. i have mcas
tomorrow. i wonder if it is possible to cheat. i'll try my
best anyway.... without cheating that is. i wont cheat.

later, fun size

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