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2003-05-12 22:48:40 (UTC)


We got kicked out of our house over the weekend. I was not
too surprised, though I was pissed off and a little worried
that I would not be able to find another place.
We found one the very next day. And it is a house! I
totally thought I was going to have to move into a shitty
apartment but found a house better priced than an apartment
would ever be. Mother's day turned out to be awesome
anyway. The man was sick and the baby was screaming most of
the day. She got really pissed off on an outing to our
local Olive Garden, and then slept the rest of the day. I
spent the remainder of the night under the blankets all
alone, watching the first season of Six Feet Under, and
wondering why the fuck I had not been a faithful watcher of
the show. I watch it now and have no clue what it going on.
I have to catch up. These are the things that are important
to me.
I am a little forlorn that we are leaving the place where
baby spend all of infantdom, but am sure I will be over it
soon, what with the new lack of annoying mother in law and
bitchy father in law around. I am actually rejoicing in the
fact that I get my own mailbox and that we can have the
internet in our home as well. It is the little things, I
always say.
Today right after work I am heading over to the new place
to paint away. I painted my last house bright bold colors
and the lving room was bright red and have regretted it
ever since. It was so exciting at first, but over the past
few months I have been hating it with a passion.
Speaking of hating with a passion, there is a new guy at