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2003-05-12 22:41:44 (UTC)

Things in my life

On Thursday, Nick rang me asking to chat around 1.30. We
talked for a bit and texting to say hi and stuff. He then
asked if I would go out with him and I said I love to.
I was at Michael house revising for my exams next week.
Left there around 5.30 ish and by the time I got in Nick
called again and we started to chat alot about when we were
going to meet. He told me that day that he loved me and
found his soul mate. I was taken back at what he said, it
was less than a week since I been with Andrew and already I
have someone. It was quick sudden and I didn't expect to
find someone that soon. I was interested in him but not
straight away, we kept talking about stuff. He would text
me first thing in the morning and last thing at night
telling me how much he loved me. Next day he called me
again, he said that he really love me and can imagine
spending the rest of his life with me. I was so taken and
almost in tears about how touched I was about him and I
have taking to loving him as well. We have so much in
common, we talked about our lives, our likes and dislikes,
what he liked about me and what I liked about him.
I went to Kayan birthday on Sunday. We went to Lloyds and I
was the first on there. Kayan came next and we spoke and
bought a few drinks. We were talking about about our lives
since the last time we met (that was Derens birthday),
talking about our ex's. It was so funny because we broke up
with them for exactly the same reason. We spoke about about
a friend of hers called Eric. He died in a car crash about
a year ago and she was telling me she misses him and that
she only realised that when he died. I told her about
Andrew and about how he was quite depressed, seems as
though I'm the only person to have never experience the
effects of death yet...
We kept talking and I showed her some of the texts that
Nick has sent me. She was so touched about what he sent, it
was like everybodys dream to have someone say those things
to you, she told me that he really loves you. It made me
realised how much I was loved and I was so lucky to have
him. About an hour later Deren and Kerry came and we all
started talking about stuff. It was like old times and we
sat there having a laugh.
I came home around 10.30pm and I called Nick. He was
telling me that his nan wasn't doing so well, and that he
really loves her. I tried to comfort him by talking to him,
I hoped that helped him a bit.
That night I realised alot of things, I realised who my
friends were, how lucky I am to have them and how lucky I
am to have Nick. It seems as though everyone has some
experience with death and not me. Even though I haven't
experienced I know that I have alot to live for, my friends
my family, my life.
To all those people who want to end their lives I say
this : "When you die you have no idea how much of an impact
that has on everyone that loves you. While you're living
you have the ability to change all of that."
Well take care people...love you Nick...