teen trama
2003-05-12 20:30:19 (UTC)


Its been ages since I wrote in this thing...but I feel its
time for an update..The last entry of mine called Empty
well the guy I was writing about we stayed together and it
was wonderful...I was in fact truly in love and we were
engaged! Yes at 17 i was engaged...but then the accident
It was the first race of the season, and in 2weeks he was
scheduled to go Pro at a larger race out east. I was at the
gate with was the 2nd moto on his 125...i kissed
him for g'luck said i luv u then went to the stands to
watch..he had the whole shot and was riding fast...I don't
want to go into details right now..I dont' think I'm ready
to..but as a result my baby was killed that day..I never
got to say good bye..but nobody did..I was the last person
he actually talked to and he said "i luv u babe"..if
anybody out there has any words of wisdom..and just wants
to share their feelings on this..I'd really like it...b/c
its a time where I don't know what to think...

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