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2003-05-12 19:56:26 (UTC)

10 days

Well its only 10 days untill i get out of schoool for the
summer!!!! yeah yeah i know that some people are already
gettin out but 10 days aint too bad. Oh and tomorrow is my
birthday!! May 13, ah the grand ole day i was born. I am
very curious to know what brent got me. he said it would be
funny so i want to know what it is!! so brent if your
reading this my birthday is tomorrow so you can tell me
what it is tomorrow if ya cant send it.
Well lynn and tina broke up. (there two people from my
school) and even though tina broke up with lynn its all his
fault. and i talked to lynn today and told him how stupid
he was and you know what his response was? of course you
dont b/c i havent told anyone. He was all like well would
you rather me have done what i did or cheated on her. And
of course i was like well u shouldn't cheat on her. Then my
closeing words were those well known words from 2nd
grade.."you're a Dummy!"