Ducky the Lesbian

useless ramblings of a crazy duck
2003-05-12 18:59:23 (UTC)

seeing my g/f

here i am its monday the 12th of May.. i left last night
and headed north 2 see my g/f.. and here i am... we didnt
really get 2 talk much or anything last night.. b/c she
had 2 be @ work really early this morning.. but i got some
kissin.. some hugging.. and then we snuggled and she slept
in my arms.. i slept in while she was at work b/c i was a
lil tired.. but GOD it is soooooo freakin good 2 be here..
it is soooooooo freakin good to see her and touch her and
kiss her whenever i want 2.. im just soo excited to be
here.. i will try 2 keep yall updated on how my 2 weeks
vacation goes.. but i have a feeling im gonna be a lil
distracted and im not gonna be too worried about getting
on the computer.. but i will try my best.. i hope all of
you have a wonderful day and i will talk to yo usoon.. its
about time for my baby 2 be home *grins*

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