Fun Size

Jimmy fell off the cliff again?
2003-05-12 16:19:06 (UTC)

the wall of dea.... errr... uhhh.. Life!

Yesterday was kinda sorta weird. i woke up at like 12 and
talked to some people online. then i took a shower. it was
a really slow start to a really slow day. a little while
went by. marissa came over to be with frankie and other
stuff happened. then i went out for my haircut. i came
home and frankie and marissa made fun of me but then they
said it was good. we ate dinner and then i came down to my
room and took a nap. four hours went by and then i woke
up. it was seven. did my hw then i went back to bed. told
you it was a slow day. about the wall of (death) life.
it's a wall of pictures in my room. it's pretty cool, if
you want to see it just tell me and i'll show you it....
it's not even close to done though.

later, fun size