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2003-05-12 11:16:45 (UTC)

Soul Mate

Soul Mates

We finally are together
I drive you out to "my" spot to show you what the country
is all about
It's so peaceful, quiet, and beautiful
The crisp, cool air feels so refreshing
I park the car and the headlights on so we can look out
onto the trees and Lake
I tell you that I've always wanted to bring out someone I
love to this spot, just to hold one another and gaze at the
I lean upon the hood of the car looking up towards the
We have little conversations about this and that
We I look back at you and you sudden pull me into your arms
and give me a gentle but firm kiss
Passionate, very.
I can feel the sparks, as they would say.
I ask you with surprise in my voice what that was for
You just pull me into a hug looking lovingly into my eyes,
smile and tell me with true feeling....

"you are my soul mate"

Am I ever going to find you? Are out there looking for me?
This is a dream....I hope to make into reality. God, if you
can hear me, look upon me and my heart, please make me
happy, help me find, My soul mate.

-Sad and Lonely

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