hello kitty cat
2003-05-12 08:10:46 (UTC)


XEighthGrounDX:  bleh
CzarinaPulseczar:  me too
XEighthGrounDX:  what's up?
CzarinaPulseczar:  nothin
XEighthGrounDX:  cool...i guess
CzarinaPulseczar:  yea
XEighthGrounDX:  Mangled: and no jason saying i cant come
CzarinaPulseczar: we don't have any furniture though
CzarinaPulseczar: lol yeah CzarinaPulseczar: god jason is a
fag Mangled: YES! Mangled: agreed CzarinaPulseczar: lol
Mangled: you can copy and paste this to him even Mangled:
someone needs to tell him Mangled: hes rude too Mangled:
and thinks he does nothing wrong CzarinaPulseczar: everyone
tells him, I know I've told him enough times Mangled: then
thats a hint right there CzarinaPulseczar: lol

XEighthGrounDX:  wtf?
XEighthGrounDX:  and yes, i get bored and read your diary
every once in a while
XEighthGrounDX:  to see if you're ok...
XEighthGrounDX:  and i see this...hmmm ok
XEighthGrounDX:  brook is fucking clueless...and has no
idea what i think
XEighthGrounDX:  and if she thinks i'm such a fag then
why'd she wanna fuck me so bad
XEighthGrounDX:  stupid bitch
CzarinaPulseczar:  ok
CzarinaPulseczar:  so that was a rhetorical
CzarinaPulseczar:  question
CzarinaPulseczar:  ?q
CzarinaPulseczar:  *?
XEighthGrounDX:  i just don't understand how you can just
be freinds with her again, when she lied so much about you
XEighthGrounDX:  to me
XEighthGrounDX:  and made me believe all that shit
XEighthGrounDX:  then lied to you
CzarinaPulseczar:  like you didn't lie about me?
XEighthGrounDX:  fuck...don't you get that
XEighthGrounDX:  brook made it seem like it was truth, she
made it sound so perfect
CzarinaPulseczar:  so it's not your fault for believin
Brook whom you say is always lying and full of siht and is
a "dumb bitch"
XEighthGrounDX:  don't yo understand that?
XEighthGrounDX:  i didn't know she was a liar until that
whole thing
XEighthGrounDX:  and i didn't call her a dumb bitch until i
just read what she wrote about me
CzarinaPulseczar:  ok
CzarinaPulseczar:  hold on I gotta restart my comp
XEighthGrounDX:  hah ok
XEighthGrounDX: damn i'm reading the conv. with your
grandmother...that's some fucked up shit
XEighthGrounDX: and what the hell happened with shonee?
XEighthGrounDX: so it was all a lie i assume?
CzarinaPulseczar: alex and shonee broke up
XEighthGrounDX: yea, i noticed
CzarinaPulseczar: he was cheating
XEighthGrounDX: i figured there was something going
on...i didn't think it was that
XEighthGrounDX: i just figued he was living at his mom's
house again or something and didn't do anything he said he
actually did
XEighthGrounDX: damn
XEighthGrounDX: that sucks
CzarinaPulseczar: yup
XEighthGrounDX: is that fuck to you thing from me?
XEighthGrounDX: i'm just trying to remember shit lol
CzarinaPulseczar: yea
XEighthGrounDX: ok
XEighthGrounDX: just checking
CzarinaPulseczar: ok
XEighthGrounDX: alright, so you think i'm a fag...and
brook thinks i think that i don't ever do anything wrong
XEighthGrounDX: anything else i should know about
anything in general?
CzarinaPulseczar: I've always called you a fag that's
nothing new :-D
XEighthGrounDX: yea, but i took it more serious in that
CzarinaPulseczar: I was always serious ;-)
XEighthGrounDX: oh ok...
XEighthGrounDX: lol
XEighthGrounDX: i'm a fag that likes girls a lot...awesome
XEighthGrounDX: best kinda fag
CzarinaPulseczar: you know my def. for fag is a lil
XEighthGrounDX: i guess...maybe not then
XEighthGrounDX: i guess i don't know your def. for fag
CzarinaPulseczar: I call everyone a fag
CzarinaPulseczar: who is a guy
CzarinaPulseczar: and is stupid
CzarinaPulseczar: do you have msn
XEighthGrounDX: nope
XEighthGrounDX: what are you doing tonight? just hangin
CzarinaPulseczar: cause mine wont work..and I don't know
XEighthGrounDX: not with mike?
CzarinaPulseczar: I'm just hanging out tonight
CzarinaPulseczar: no mike
XEighthGrounDX: i see
CzarinaPulseczar: I hung out w/him this morning, he went
to work and then did mothers day stuff..and now is at his
friends or somthin
CzarinaPulseczar: I hung out w/alex
CzarinaPulseczar: I have to go to work anyway tomorrow
XEighthGrounDX: cool
XEighthGrounDX: which work?
CzarinaPulseczar: yeah
CzarinaPulseczar: cookie
XEighthGrounDX: ok
CzarinaPulseczar: why'd you ask if I was just hanging out
alone tonight?
XEighthGrounDX: cuz i figured you be with mike...
CzarinaPulseczar: yeah not right now
CzarinaPulseczar: we were gonna hang out
CzarinaPulseczar: but it was a little too late
CzarinaPulseczar: I do'nt know what he's doing
XEighthGrounDX: i see
CzarinaPulseczar: yup yup
CzarinaPulseczar: I really don't wanna get up tomorrow
CzarinaPulseczar: I took a nap today, and I shouldn't
have cause now I can't sleep
XEighthGrounDX: i'm just not ready to go to sleep yet
CzarinaPulseczar: yeah me neither
CzarinaPulseczar: I'm just sitting around though
XEighthGrounDX: same here
CzarinaPulseczar: fun stuff
XEighthGrounDX: sure enough
CzarinaPulseczar: so are you so bored that you're talking
to me!? lol
XEighthGrounDX: hah
XEighthGrounDX: you got it
XEighthGrounDX: why wouldn't i talk to you?
CzarinaPulseczar: how did I guess, you always have the
best intentions
CzarinaPulseczar: because of those "issues" you have with
me---you just not liking me for some "reason" you can't
quite place
XEighthGrounDX: i don't have a problem with you...i was
pissed off at everything that night
CzarinaPulseczar: you just miss me :-D
XEighthGrounDX: and i do still have issues with you, but
they are the same issues i've had with you since i met you
XEighthGrounDX: lol
XEighthGrounDX: i like you, but sometimes you get on my
nerves...but i told you that back in the day when i was
just dating and friends with you =P
CzarinaPulseczar: oh I see
XEighthGrounDX: it's nothing personal
XEighthGrounDX: heh
CzarinaPulseczar: it's never anything PERSONAL
XEighthGrounDX: haha
XEighthGrounDX: it's not
XEighthGrounDX: cuz there's nothing wrong with you
CzarinaPulseczar: no shit sherlock
XEighthGrounDX: just with the way i see you sometimes
XEighthGrounDX: so then it's not personal
CzarinaPulseczar: it's just your undying love for me ;-)
XEighthGrounDX: yup, you found me out
XEighthGrounDX: damn it
CzarinaPulseczar: it's OK Jason, I understand that it
must be incredibly hard to be with out me :-D
XEighthGrounDX: yes, i don't know how i survive
XEighthGrounDX: i just try to hold on to the idea that
one day you'll come crawling back
XEighthGrounDX: and that's what keeps me going through to
the next day
CzarinaPulseczar: hehehh
XEighthGrounDX: as if i were kidding or something...
CzarinaPulseczar: hah
XEighthGrounDX: i try to have all these other girls to
fill the void
XEighthGrounDX: but it never works
CzarinaPulseczar: lol
XEighthGrounDX: they just don't yell the same
XEighthGrounDX: or whine the same
XEighthGrounDX: heh
CzarinaPulseczar: or fuck you as nicely?
CzarinaPulseczar: oh I know.
CzarinaPulseczar: it'll be ok Jason.
XEighthGrounDX: and none of them ever attempt to crawl
under my bathroom shelves
CzarinaPulseczar: you mean when you scream and yell at
CzarinaPulseczar: oh you poor thing
XEighthGrounDX: yea, and they don't fuck me at all
usually, cuz they are disgusted when i call them by your
name all the time
CzarinaPulseczar: just keep on looking, I'm sure plenty
of girls will be able to get scared shitless if you try
hard enough, I know you're capable
XEighthGrounDX: yea, i scream and yell all the time...i
don't even talk to most of them...i meet them, and it's
immediate screaming and yelling
XEighthGrounDX: actually, truthfully, i've had not one
fight with anyone since you
XEighthGrounDX: or any sort of hostile relations
XEighthGrounDX: but i haven't gotten to close to anyone
XEighthGrounDX: but i really have changed, i'm not
willing to let myself be like that anymore
XEighthGrounDX: and i plan on the next relationship
(hopefully the one i'm in if she ever fuckin gets here) to
be much different
CzarinaPulseczar: yes, it's quite nice in my case to have
a life without yelling and screaming
XEighthGrounDX: yup
CzarinaPulseczar: because that is one nice thing about
Mike, he doesn't yell or scream
XEighthGrounDX: he just tells you to get the dick out of
your mouth and talk
XEighthGrounDX: lol
XEighthGrounDX: j/k
CzarinaPulseczar: shall we bring up all the times you've
called me lovely things?
CzarinaPulseczar: when is your girl coming?
CzarinaPulseczar: what's keeping her?
XEighthGrounDX: she's working her ass off to save up some
money right now
XEighthGrounDX: and trying to get some things with her car
CzarinaPulseczar: ooohh
XEighthGrounDX: and take care of everything she needs to
back home first
XEighthGrounDX: but she still says she's coming
XEighthGrounDX: we weren't talking much for a few weeks,
she was always pissed off and she had exams and shit
CzarinaPulseczar: cool
CzarinaPulseczar: oh that sucks
XEighthGrounDX: and then she got home, and we didn't talk
much for the first few days she was home...then last night
we had a long conversation and i told her how i felt about
CzarinaPulseczar: that's good
XEighthGrounDX: and that she needed to take the time to
communicate and let me know what's going on
XEighthGrounDX: and shit
XEighthGrounDX: guess what i have in my cabinet?
CzarinaPulseczar: what?
CzarinaPulseczar: hah
XEighthGrounDX: mmm
CzarinaPulseczar: I have some in mine
XEighthGrounDX: good stuff
XEighthGrounDX: yay
XEighthGrounDX: i found um the other day, and i had
forgotten how good they were
CzarinaPulseczar: they've been there for like amonth
CzarinaPulseczar: god my stomach hurts
CzarinaPulseczar: my fuckin msn wont work..and I wanna
talk to alex!!
XEighthGrounDX: why doesn't she use aimm or aol
XEighthGrounDX: ?
CzarinaPulseczar: I dunno, I was on msn a like 10 mins
ago and she was only on that
CzarinaPulseczar: so whatever