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2003-05-12 06:16:02 (UTC)

Women Really ARE Wack

There's a girl at work who's pregnant. She is unmarried,
no boyfriend, lives at home and makes $7 an hour.
Bascially me if I was a year younger and made a quarter
less. Anyways.

I was talking to Liz today about pregnancy and 'scares'.
Most girls I know have had one or two and I mentioned that
I thought I was crazy because after I finally got my
period and was overjoyed that I was NOT pregnant, I got
scared that I was infertile and could have kids at all.
She immediately told me that she had the same thought and
thought she was the only one.

Then this evening I was relaying my day to Erin and I told
her about this and she said that SHE had done the same

See, this is how a woman works. She can be overjoyed about
something while being upset AT THE SAME TIME.

We are sooooo strange. We scare me sometimes.


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