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2003-05-12 05:54:48 (UTC)

A Not Half Bad Day

I would rather not work on Sunday, but since I do, closing
with my friends is pretty cool. I try to schedule cool
people that I want to hang out with on Sundays 'cause
after the real manager leaves at 1, we've got the place to
ourselves. I have a few stories to share because one, I
think they're funny, and two, because I want to have them
written down somewhere. Here'goes...

There is a timeclock by the door at work and (of course)
you must clock in and clock out appropriately. I had to
shut down the system and reboot and it shut off the time
clock as well. Joey (who is female) was waiting to clock
out so she could leave. Liz and I were in the office just
chatting. The office has walls, but it's more like a
cubicle so if you speak up, the person by the time clock
can hear you. Joey was peeved because she really wanted to
leave. "It's not up guys, why isn't it up?" She had opened
the door. I HAD to walk through...."Give me a break Joey,
I can't get it up that fast, give me a minute..I'm working
on it" and Liz put the icing on the cake with "you need to
kiss it a little bit". I was HOWLING. I can't help it.
They called me Gutter in high school.

The other story is just that some sexually transmitted
diseases have some interesting names. Doesn't the clap
sound like a superhero? I am The Clap! And doesn't chlamydia
sound kinda nice? Like it could be a flower.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to see X2 again with some work
people if I can convince them to stay up that late and
then Tuesday Andrew is the guest chef at a cooking class
at work that I will be attending. It's nice to have plans.

A lot has happened in the last couple days. Well, a lot in
the old love department. Why is it so hard? Love that is.
There are just too many complications. *sigh* Ah well.
What can you do?



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