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2003-05-12 05:20:10 (UTC)

an ending?

he said that she is a radical liberal. that she uses
irrational and unfactual arguments. that she's obsessed
with minorities, with the underdog. that she's racist
against white ppl (even though, guess what, she's white).
he wants everything to cater to the majority. science,
technology, and progress are the most important subjects.
logic and linear thinking are the only ways of knowing, or
they should be. there is no racism in america.
needless to say, there are a few discrepencies there and
she don't know what to do about them. she knows that
they'll work it out...they're already well on their way but
does that matter? he apologized, said he'd try to listen to
everything and respect her opinions and she promised to try
not to get so upset that she doggedly locks herself into
the narrow, one-sided position she usually can't stand in
others. but that doesn't change the fact that they have
such different ideas, such different perspectives on the
world. is there any way to reconcile them? any way to
overlook them, to agree to disagree? at what point does she
need to stop clinging to her naivete and accept that it
just wasn't meant to be? that they aren't going to make it
as anything more than friends?