heaven key

2003-05-11 22:41:08 (UTC)

an upset mothers day

yay its mothers day. and of course my disfuntional family
is at it again. i guess id rather not talk about that.
anyways i found out that arturo had his baby. it was a
little girl, and it tears me up inside. i found out from
gina, which was a surprise, because id prefer her not to
talk to my ex fiance!! she just soesnt get that its a
respect issue, but what ever. i actually started crying
about it today because i mean hello? i eanted to marry that
man, and have his kids, but i try to keep telling myself
that it just wasnt meant to be even though its been like
almost a full year, i still cant manage to over come
thinking of him , and wondering what he is up to.
so getting back to mothers day.. we went to old country
buffet, and the line was liek wayyyyyyyy long and it was
cold, so i suggested we go smoewhere elce, and my mom was
so mad she just like bolted off to the car and came home
and has been pouting ever since. my grandma suggested we
all go out to the casino and have their sea food buffet,
but she didnt want to do that either. so now we are just
here at my grandmas, and my mom is benig mean to my
grandma. i need a new family, new friends, and a new job,
and some damn good anti depressants