My Everyday Thoughts
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2003-05-11 22:19:10 (UTC)

who's she?

Sometimes, I just wish I knew who I was. I have so much
respect for people who know who they are regardless of
other people, different situations.. They stay true to who
they are. They don't change for other people. I can't say
that about me. I change because I don't know who the real
me is sometimes. I change because I need to please the
people I surround myself with. I give them what they want,
regardless if I want that. I sacrifice me for them. I
can't be quiet for one moment without someone thinking
there is something wrong with me, that I am depressed.
Because if I am not smiling every 5 seconds for them, or
making them laugh, or acting like everything is wonderful
in my life then clearly I am depressed. I can't be seriuos
for one moment without someone thinking that I must be in
depresso mood. I can't be me ever, and right now i don't
even know who that is


so tired of the staight life, that everywhere you turn.
There's vultures and thiefs at your back..

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