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2003-05-11 21:05:15 (UTC)

dance of the trolls

i'm listening to "dance of the trolls" by mediaeval baebes,
it just puts me in the right artistic mood. however, i'm
still waiting for dad to put a layer of metal around the
edge of my stain glass piece so that i don't slice my
fingers open while im painting my faeries. leesa's right,
this weekend was supposed to be the first day i brought
them to life, the sketchs don't quite do it so i'm trying
acryllics like leesa suggested. she loves my art, i don't
know why, anyone can pick up a pencil and scibble shapes
down, dad treats my art with the same gusto too, it just
doesn't make an ounce of sense to me. dad and i talked
lastnight on our huge, long walk/run about my art. he
pointed to the trees i'd been studing, the last bit of
sunlight hitting them in an ethereal way, and he said "see,
that's where my art comes from" and i nodded, that's where
my art comes from too. we walked through private property
(shhhh...dont tell on me, wasabi, k?) to my favourite
spots, spots where the faeries are real (which i believe
but everyone doesn't seem to ) and you can feel them in
everything, they're all watching from the trees and rocks
and logs, even from the lake, you can almost hear them
whispering or singing if you stop thinking. i didn't tell
dad that where we were were the spots i visit whenever i'm
on the brink of letting go, the places i go to remember
that i've got dreams to keep me here and to hope, where i
go to come back to life. someday, leesa, you'll have to see
them too.
"she said dont, dont let it go to your head. boys like
you are a dime a dozen. boys like you are a dime a dozen
she said, you're a touch over-rated, you're a lush and i
hate it...i'd never lie to could slit my throat
and with my one last breathe i would appologize for
bleeding on your shirt...cuz im a wishful thinker..."
fishy says she wants to be bestfriends with me again.
i'm considering sending her a response to her diary
saying "she's happier without you, just leave her alone,
there's the reason you want-to-be-buddy-buddy techiques
aren't working, and that's becuz she can see right through
them", but i hate speaking 3rd person about myself. i just
want to live my own life, i want her to disappear from my
life and leave me alone, but she keeps interrupting my life
and it screws me over, i cant cope with her invading my
world even if it's her trying to be bestfriends.
dad and i are going on a "extreme work-out challenge"
for this month becuz it's less than a month till i go to
prom and i want to look stunning and slimmed down into
shape. that'll be cool, my mom can drop a size in 7 days if
she wants to, i'd like to be able to do that too. i feel
better with my mom in greece, she really brings me down,
like fishy. list of people (continued):
tucan/joker= a boy who doesn't care about much of anything
(even his dad's death) and is one of my best guyfriends
mac-man=one of my friends from where my grandparents live
budha=my other friend from where my grandparents live,
whoes life i will be making a huge impact on this summer
according to my card spread. sounds fun, eh?
martini=a friend of ours who has her odd grumpy, evil mood,
but is pretty cool all the same.
hunter= a very materialist girl who clames she's
punk/skater/goth....honestly we know she'd kill to be a
supermodel tinky...she was "little sister" when
the "sisterhood" was like our cult of three...i officially
broke it, in my opinion.
pita=friend of ours who lives with her boyfriend (who we'll
refer to as Ass-happy)

that's it for now because j.b's being an ass-raping-monkey
and is threatening to stick penises onto my faeries i made
out of sculpty a few days he's getting a black eye
for mother's day. *smirk*