Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-05-11 21:03:37 (UTC)

i dunno

omg this humidity is fucking tourture seriously. I'm
learning to play "schism" by Tool on the bass and i'm
really pressed becuase i dnno it's a cool tune. I think i'm
really getting a lot better and i'm so proude of myself,
lol. my couzin jessica gave me some realy heavy death metal
bands to listen to nad i really like it. i dunno why but
the screaming like makes me feel calmer.it mkes me
concentrate better too. yesterday becca, Barry and I got
high off aderol at the mall. aderol is awosme it was my 1st
time and it was better than weed i think but wtvr. the
funniest thing happened at the mall too...we went into
forever 21 and dragged barry with us cuz we said we would
let him see us change. well anywayz while becca was lookin
at clothes me and barry were making out inna dressing room.
10 minutes later this woman opens the curtian and goes
like "OH whoops i'm sry but men arent allowed in this part
of the dressing room" and it was hillriouse cuz he like had
his hand down my pants and all. i was like cracking up!!!
man i got pretty high it was cool. gt do that again.

current music:remembering never-"meadowes"