Book of Suicide
2003-05-11 18:50:56 (UTC)


don't look at this face. this face with holes of hatred.
this face with no emotion but hatred. this face that never
smiles unless with malice. this face that has never felt a
hand of love. this face is distorted as are the thoughts
behind it. this face beholding eyes that are empty pools
of darkness. these eyes pull you in, farther and farther.
these eyes that you fall into will harm you deep inside of
your soul. these eyes will take your soul and crush it in
a pinch without thought. these eyes hold no remorse or
mercy. these eyes do not listen. these eyes of hatred
will choke you. a smile will creep across this face. a
smile that wont provide comfort, but fear. a smile with
jagged teeth that will consume all waking thoughts but fear.


i'll write more later,
i g2g --luv kate