REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-05-11 18:12:50 (UTC)


its mothers day..i gave my mom the poem and she started
crying lol. i hate those moments..but later after i think
about how we fight lol, it feels good to make her happy.
tonight were going out for dinner! i dunno where yet. umm
im watching the mets game bottom of the third mets are up
tony clarks hitting bases loaded, 2 outs mets are losing 2
one! comon get the homer man! i hate getting shit from
people about the mets...oh well i can take it! ive been
for a long long time..i just think its so funny that half
the people dont know wat the hell there talking about. its
great cause if someone i dunno ims me and ther elike the
mets suck!! im like..uhh there on a 7 game winning
streak..and there like well they still suck! they sound so
stupid cause ill say something and they no idea wat im
talking about...ahh i love it!! ok well anyway. i dropped
off my poem thing that i made for my aunt on her bed..shes
not home right now though, she went to visit my
grandmothers grave..shes been gone for ever though..hmm.
well i dunno wat to say. i woke up this morning and my
stomach was hurting but now its not...i uh sent heathers
mom a mothers day card..i called vanssas mom and said
happy mothers day on her answering machine..i told jenna
happy birthday..umm yea..thats it so dar. ive been craving
to have ice cream from friendlys for like 39045 days and
my everyones bein a homo cause no ones getting me
anything. yeah me nd heather and vaness are goin to a mets
game on the 30th..a day before my birthday! *31is my
birthday* dude everyone better say happy birthday to me
cause ive been buiggin the hell out of everyone tellin my
birthday..and the 531 in my sn means may 31 dumb dumbs!!!
hehehehe...and oh and the mets game is also the reason why
im not goin on the band trip cause i paid like 175 dollars
for the tickets..and there playing the braves. so im not
wasting them to go to the band competition.its gonna be
really fun! yep yep! oh! my brother just came home and he
just gave me a cofee colada and tis really good. lol i
always say tis by mistake..i dont feel like hitting the
back space!! well im gonna bounce like a ball!

*everythings getting better*