mad world
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2003-05-11 17:38:08 (UTC)

try to fake it one more time

last night we played the legion hall. it was pertty fun i
must say, for the most part, not that i was happy being
there i just had fun, we started a grind core band called
uncle jessie and the olsin twins. its so awesome, it was
insane we had like 10 singers and then some guys i dont een
know was playing guitar. it was so sweet. and samedullstar
did ok. it waset bad. ALOT better than the follwing week.
ad then we watched a very emotional set from acb, it was
brayns last show with them. were all gonna miss him, it wot
be the same with out him.
but for the most life still sucks and i really still dont
want to be alive.
so kill me.