Ode to a psycho!HA!
2003-05-11 13:30:39 (UTC)

The oddity of my 3 day weekend

SO! this has been an interesting weekend to say the least.
hmmmmmmm....... where to begin, oh yes, Thursday night Josh
wanted me to mess with billy, and gave me his aol name. We
started talking, and of course he figured out who I was
guite quickly, and we all began to talk. that is billy,
josh, terrence, and myself. sooner than later josh and
terrence left us so they could sleep and/or study for our
apush exam on friday. After the test we didn't have to go to
school, so I came home, and was by myself for a while, and
sang a little, and then I went to lay in the driveway, cause
I'm cool like that, and because I have no backyard, or a
pool. Eventually Euboea called me from the bus stop, and we
talked and decided that she didn't want to wait 45 mins for
the bus, so she walked to my house from WinnDixie. and we
talked and ate pizza. It was really nice. Then she went home
and Jon Dickey called me, and invited me to a piano recital
on Ft Caroline road, for the pianist from little mary
sunshine. that was fun, and then we went to his bank, whichc
is convieniently near Planet Smoothie, and Krissy was
working so we went and visites, and she made us smooties and
paid with her tips. And she told us that she and Travie were
going to go to Ronnies to go swimming, and we should come,
so we said alright, but we had to go to joes crab shack
first. We were also supposed to hang out with becky, but
before we did anything we had to go to blockbuster to buy a
gift card for jons friend marina who was having her birthday
party at joes crab shack. and on our way to Joes, David
Sanford called and was like I need to leave my house! So we
went to joes and he dropped of the card, and then went and
picked up david, which took like 20 mins becasuse jon is
stupid and he's a boy, and he doesn't know how to listen.
anyway, then becky called and said mitchell was being an
ass, so she went home, and wasn't going to go out that
night. So, we went to jons house. JOn, david and myself.
And a little while later kris called, and said she was at
applebees and that ron couldn't have people over so they all
went to the movies, and called kris and travis and were like, we're
going to the movies, we'll see you laater ok bye! and left kris and
travie hangin, and kris and travie just didn't feel like hanging out
anymore. pretty much they wanted to go have sex. anyway, so I
suggested that since we were like amin away from the beach we should
go walking, and so we walked down to the beach, and we're walking
along, and we see casa marina where our good friend logan works so we
decided to see if he was working, and we snuck around to the kitchen
door, and started whispering his name. He was there, and oh he looked
at us so funny. And we stayed and talked a long time, and he fed us oh
so good food. And then he had to take out the trash, so we decided to
stop invading his space, and walk back to jons. And as we left this
red focus drives by and this guy, ( I hope he was drunk) and is all
like, Hey! your girlfriend is hot, and since I was the only girl, I
assumed he was talking about me, which I thought was just kinda
strange. Andwe just kept walking, and Brandon was in the 1st street
grille parking lot skate boarding, and so we went an schmoozed with
him for a while, and then continued walking, and that same focus pulls
up next to us, and they start yelling at me and I didn't know what to
do, and all of a sudden jonathan stars speaking german, and david and
I look at him, and then look at eachother, and we all start speaking
german. Not really, but we've all sungn german, and we were all
reciting lyrics in german, and they kept yelling at us, and they were
like what are you saying? the guys you're with are fagots? and we all
looked at eachother and kept going fagot? fagot? and eventually they
got bored and drove away. oh, it was so scarey. and then we went back
to jons and dave was his normal touchy feelyself......that's all I
have to say about that, and then jon took us home about 2 in the
morning, and I was wide awake so I chillen the computer for a whileand
then stayed up and took a bath, because I really needed to relax and
besides the fact I was GROSS from being on the beach all night. i got
to bed about 5 or so. than saturday I got sunburned as fuck, and
talked to billy for a damn long time, and then went out to eat with
elysee at applebees, and then met up with scitterina at targetand
bought balls of goodness, and then went to cd connection and for ice
creamand then elyse left and scopick up vanessa carswell ( whom I
haven't seen since 7th grade) and we went to shelbys and then they
called daniel nedzwiecki to come hang out, and he did , and stephen
dropped him off, I didn't bat an eyelash, I looked and smiled, and
played the blonde bimbo we all know can play so well. and the four of
us ( Scott, me, vanessa, and daniel) went to the beach, and thento the
park, and scott made an ass of himself (what's new?) It was fun,
anthrough the night with almost no mention of stephen. Daniel was
quite adult about it all, there's no reason he shouldn't be. time
heals........most wounds. anyway it was good., and then I went home,
and talked to billy till like 3 in the morning. and now I'm here, and
it's mothersday, and this has been the most fun, and one of the
steekends I've had in a LONG while. I enjoyed it, and now I'm gonna go.