Montana bound
2003-05-11 08:00:42 (UTC)

So much for the vote

Well, today was pretty shitty. I came home really late
from Ty's house last night. I was supposed to be home at
midnight, but I actually walked in around 1:45 AM. When I
checked in, Dad told me that he would be waking me up in
about three hours and I was going to the golden spike
historical reenactment with the family today. Needless to
say, I wasn't particularly thrilled with the prospect.
Well, contrary to my expectations, Dad actually
followed through on his threat and woke me up at 6:15 AM.
I tried to argue my way out of it, but the old fucker just
wouldn't listen. Interesting how that works, isn't it?
When the family has had an activity planned for a while,
and something suddenly comes up among your friends, it's
out of the question to just bail on the family. When that
scenario is reversed, however, there's no second option,
I'm going wether I like it or not.
So, I got hauled to the Golden Spike anniversary shit,
where we waited for four hours for the show to start, then
another 45 minutes for memorials and honors and shit, then
the really dumb show which hasn't changed in years and
which I've seen and had no interest in multiple times
before. Finally that ended, then Dad and Cami wanted to
go see the Spiral Jetter or whatever the hell it is. Dad
said we'd take a vote on it; Macklin and I voted against
it, Cami for, and Mom indifferent, then we went to see it
anyway. So much for the vote. It was by far the
stupidest shit passed off for art I've ever been witness
to in my lifetime.
When we finally got home, I tried to get ahold of
Allison. Ty and the guys were planning on going to see
X2, but Allison couldn't go. She's grounded for spending
the night at a guy's house with neither her parents'
permission nor their knowledge. The best part is her Mom
is accusing her of having sex with him. Wonderful, the
matriarchal confidence expressed there, ain't it?
Well, the movie fell through, so I just came over to
Andy's house for a LAN party instead. Now it's
approaching 2 AM, and Dad called about a half hour ago
telling me to get home NOW. I've had this nasty habit of
coming home way past curfew lately, and it's starting to
wear on his nerves. I'll probably be grounded for it, but
what the hell.
See, I have this philosophy. I've decided that once a
kid reaches 16 years old, punishing them virtually ceases
to be effective. This is not to say you should let them
go scott free, but by this point in your child's life,
they have developed a sufficient sense of independence
that they will begin thinking about when they're on their
own. The more you try to restrict and punish them, or, as
they'll inevitably see it, control their life, the longer
they'll want to have little or nothing to do with you
after they leave your home. I'm 17 years old, with only
four months to go until my 18th birthday. Dad doesn't
seem to realize this, and the more I take my own lead in
life, the tighter he tries to rein me in. By shortening
my leash so much, he has succeeded ONLY in endowing an
intense dislike, if not out and out hatred, of him which
will last well beyond the time I escape his rule. I am
currently of the mindset that if/when I get married and
have kids, I'll call Mom to let her know she's a grandma,
give her permission to come by and see them, then promptly
forbid Dad from having anything whatsoever to do with
them. Grandpa nothing, I don't want that controlling
bastard anywhere near my children.
Now I know all of you out there are saying I'm just a
stupid teenager rebelling for no good reason, and this is
partly true. You haven't lived under the old man's
tyrannical rule, however, so you can't possibly know the
whole story. If you still disbelieve me, then I suppose
the best I can offer is a big, fresh FUCK YOU. I know I'm
almost exactly like the Old Bastard, that's why we have
such a hard time getting along. Being raised by my
Grandma, the most controlling human being on the face of
this Earth, he doesn't know any other way than complete
domination of every aspect of his childrens' lives. The
fact that I want to take the initiative and think for
myself aggrivates him to no end, and I'm truly afraid that
one of these days he's going to lose the little control he
has and beat me. I just hope I can get out of there
before that happens.