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2003-05-11 06:41:11 (UTC)

It's just another day

Today was an extremely insightful day. Many different
things running through my head. It all starts with
yesterday. I was at Jordans cause I was invited there to a
dinner party that his mom was having. So we ditched half
way through to go..ya know..have some fun.....meg, if u
tell anyone i'll kill (im soo loving) ....and
well we parked the car, and after a fun card game of a
specialized type of 5 minutes later, a copper
pulled into the park, and i pulled down my window and said
hi ( i was a little embarassed cause I was getting my ass
kicked at poker) so anyways, the copper just started
laughing at me, and well..haha, he just said "so you guys
are getting to know eachother a bit better' and he stood
there staring at me laughing for like 5 minutes....which
seems like forever when ur more than half
naked......ANYWAYS.....haha, it was funny, then..after he
left, jordan guided my hands down there, and i didnt want
to do that shit, but then he kept doing it, so i finally
gave in (im not square, but im sick of guys wanting the
same thing, i mean i dont doubt he likes me, but iunno, i
guess it was my fault too, im just disappointed in myself,
i'll tell you more at the bottom) but after that i just
wanted to cry, i felt like i just crossed my boundries. I
dont do things unless im in the mood, and i deffinetly
wasnt in the mood, and i was just dissappointed with
myself...ya know?...bah, doesnt really
matter, it wasnt a bad size either
way....teehee....anyways, ya, cough cough, i just was soo
out of it after that, iunno, he seemed like a major horndog
yesterday and it creeped me out. But anyways, Today we
celebrated our one month which is on the 12th, but its just
cause today was a saturday, which is a good day to have
it. So he picked me up early in the morning and surprised
me..he had this day all planned out, and i went blindly
into he brought us to the ferry terminal and
he's all like, remember this...remember this, and he gave
me this poem:
"Mojo and Leesa sounds so right,
I wanna be with you every night.
It feels as though god put us together,
I hope we never part from one another.

I miss you when you're not with me,
But even then I can still see
The smile from your beautiful face
As it lightens the room all over the place

Everything keeps getting better and better
Happy one month Leesa
Lets make this dream last forever."
Ahhhhh, I've never been good at getting close to anyone, and no
offense jordan, but he's deffinetly coming on too strong, i mean, you
are soo corny, he's learning to trust me though, which is kewl, but
sometimes the way he talks, and the questions he ask are soo stupid,
and i lie to him, he needs to be reassured that he's awesome, and the
fact is, i like corny, but not annoying corny, and we've only been
going out a month, so god, BACK THE FUCK OFF, I cant stand you this
close.....and i cant stand you always telling me how perfect I am, im
not even near perfect, so what the hell is with that, I hate it when
he compares me to his ex's and says im the best...cause he'll say to
everyone else he goes with, and it pisses my off that he says im
beautiful, when people say that, i feel like i cant trust them, cause
i know im not...and i cant stand it when he says the word forever, im
only 16 for gods sake, what do u think im looking for a goddamn
husband.....and i hate it when i cant go out with guys friends cause
i get in a fight after, and i cant stand how he cant walk very far
without getting tired, and yet he goes to the gym bloody 5 times a
week, and i cant stand how he say's im perfect and everything he's
ever wanted......BAH, oh well, he's getting too close too fast, And
it's driving me up the wall, i cant stand too much sweet and corny,
but he puts soo much thought into everything, like today, i had soo
much fun and i do love being with him, but he's so we got
to vancouver and we walked stanely park and we went to the aquarium,
the aquarium was soo fun, there was a big ass sea lion named tag who
jumped out of the water and waved, it was soo cute, it reminded me of
my dog...and there was lots of kewl stuff, then later we went out for
sushi. And I had a wonderful day, cause he paid for everything, he
said he wanted to ( i didnt feel right at all) but he whined and
complain about it a lot..i mean i guess $100.00 is a lot to spend on
ur gf in one day if you dont have a lot of money, but i didnt ask for
it, so you shouldnt make me feel guilty, but now that i think of hit,
i have been the cause of him spending soo much money, like prom
ticket=60, lots of movies, lots of sushi, vancouver a couple$, that adds i'm sorry, God, it's like
he's trying to make it a movie perfect relationship, he freaks when i
have a problem with us, and he is soo corny, and he believes since
he's the guy he doesnt everything, well hello I"M NOT HELPLESS, I
believe in equality....ooh, and then he asks me if I remember this
and that..DUH, of course I remember...But all in all I really like
him, he's awesome, i guess today he kinda bugged me with how corny he
was being......................................also on the ferry on
the way back i talked to this guy sitting at the table next to us
that just got back from a funeral, and he made me think, how sad it
was that it usually takes a death to bring old friends together
again, and how scary it is when someone around ur age dies.. it was
kewl though, he was like 60 and he grew up around the same plave i
did for a bit. But i was thinking, i dont want to get old, i dont
want to lose my friends, i dont want to have kids, i dont want to get
married, i dont want to grow up, i dont want responsibility, i just
want to be a kid, and i want to make everyone happy, im finally at
peace with myself, ever since ive gotten my N i have been so much the end, im still thankful for everything i have, my
good friends, my friends, my corny annoying boyfriend, my family
(kinda), my car, my education and my freedom. I also realized
everyone has sooo much going for them, if they can only find
it.............another way to say.....WORK FOR YOUR DREAMS AND ITS

AND the way, u may be just a girl, but girls have all
the upcoming power, and people do care, well i care, and im a person,
and u will never be alone as long as im alive, even if we dont talk
for 20 years and we're fighting........HOW DID THE ACRYLIC FAIRY
PAINTING GO????????!!!!!!!!! MEg has a great idea and great art
skills, and today was supposed to be the first fairy come to life in
other that sketch art work!!!!!


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