All That I Am
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2003-05-11 03:40:10 (UTC)

Pink Roses

Well, I'm at Mum's house now. Not doing much actually.
Mother's Day is tomorrow but I decided to come over today
and give her presents to her. I bought her a dozen pink
roses and got her a card. I don't see the point in buying flowers
that are going to die a few days later. I was going to buy her a
potted plant but she's moving in a few weeks so it doesn't make sense
getting her something that'll make a mess in her car, not to mention
will get smooshed. For some reason I'm really into
cards now. But anywho. Actually I was kinda pissed because
again she wasn't here and then when she finally got here
she didn't want to do anything. It just annoys me because
she's moving next month and I'm not going to see her for
god knows how long and I want to spend as much time with
her as possible because I know I'm going to be all sad and
depressed just like everyother time I or she left. I'm just
too used to being around my family...not that that's a bad
thing but it just sucks. This coming week I've decided to
become a social butterfly and find as many friends as
humanly possible to fill the void. I guess reality is just
starting to sink in that my life is extremely boring right
now and although I have a lot of friends from work
now...they're all so damn boring! My last two best friends
I met at work (Tina at Hollywood Video and Nichole at GC
Services) but it ain't happenin' now. Jennifer is a trip
and me and her hang out at work and at the gym but other
than that she doesn't like to do much. She doesn't go
clubbing or drink period and.....well, she's just boring. I
guess I'm just getting really frustrated because I would
hang out all the time with either Tina or Nichole and we
would do stuff all the time and now that I'm up here I just
sit around, go to work, and go to the gym. That's it.
Anywho, enough with feeling sorry for myself. I know that
the only way my life is going to get more interesting is by
making it happen and not waiting for something to happen.

On another note....I wrote Rosie! I almost forgot to write
about that. Thursday I broke down and wrote her an email
just getting her up to speed on my life and what I've been
doing and basically I just reopened the door to the
friendship. Which is a good thing. I still have issues with
her but they're not so big now and there's no point on
holding onto dead issues. I think I finally broke down
because of what I had mentioned earlier...being lonely up
here and all. So, she wrote me back and I just read it a
few minutes ago and she's doing good and she gave me her
phone numbers so I think I'm going to call her sometime
next week...maybe even tomorrow to wish her a happy
mother's day. I do miss her crazy ass.

Speaking of crazy ass, I talked to Nichole for like 2hrs
today and I miss her so damn much! She has to be one of the
funniest people I've ever met and we would have so much fun
just hanging out....doing nothing but walking around and
eyeballing gorgeous men. Ahhh the good 'ole days. I think
I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow. Jennifer's sister is
in town and she said she was probably going to go to the
gym tomorrow with her sister and I wanted to meet her cause
she sounded cool. Well, I'm sure there's more I wanted to
talk about but my hand is cramping so I'm going to call it
quits for today. Later.

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