2003-05-11 01:56:29 (UTC)

Again, A Nap

I slept for a few hours again this afternoon. This means to
me that I must be sick as I seldom do that. I think my
temperature is also going back to normal but I still
cough and I still feel fatigued. Hence, of course, the nap.
It must be spring. The cats are shedding. I spent quite a
while this morning brushing Spice. She didn't protest too
much. I also brushed Sugar who just purred; he doesn't mind
at all! I put his new red collar on him too. It's so we
can distinguish him from the two pure white cats the
neighbors have and also to mark him as a owned cat.
John goes back to work tomorrow (this is why I had my Mother's Day
lunch Friday). He'll be working a 12-hour day shift on
both Sunday and Monday. One Tuesday we have doctor's
appointments in the morning, then he works 12-hour graveyard
shifts Tuesday night and Wednesday night. He'll need to
sleep on Thursday morning but he's told me he may be
scheduled to work on Friday (but I don't know if that'll be
day shift or graveyard). Friday is the day I'll be at the
church preparing for the quilt show which starts late Friday
afternoon and continues through Saturday so I'll be busy. Next
Monday he begins another vacation and he'll have
that day through Thursday protected; they can't call him to
work on those days. He'll be off the following Friday through Monday
but they could call him in on those days. Are you confused yet?
I am!

I'm hoping that during his days off we can work on the front
yard. I want to take out the roses and put them into pots
and replace them with flower beds on the side of the house
and grass in the front. Hopefully the weather will