heaven key

2003-05-11 01:34:27 (UTC)

been a long time

its been a long ass time since i wrote in here. i broke up
with naser becasue i just didnt like him, and i dont talk
to laura any more because she is still in that relationship
with that controll freak ricardo.
i have been spending alot of tiem with jenny lately, and
she is just losing all this weight. she went on that atkins
diet, and she has lost about 35 pounds. i went on it too
for 2 weeks and lost 10 pounds but i dont really need to.
ex fest is coming up and i doubt that i will be going which
really sucks since i want to go. which sucks more is that
elishia is going and she is going with shane and julian and
those guys. i refuse to ask julian if i can ride with him
so she gets to go with those guys and have all this fun
which just isnt cool. i feel like she is almost rubbing it
in , so i told her i was going to go up there with josh ,
haha. im not at all going to but i need to feel like i have
some sort of social life left.
phillip had his baby, it was a girl, and they named her
jada simone. i dont think that they are together because he
is still calling me, but for once in my life im at a
real "chill" state . i dont really go out and party it up,
i mean i think because i have a lack of a car, and friends,
but im content none the less with just lounging around. and
as far as men i dont try, and i have no drive. sex would be
nice, but i believe that my time will come. i have been
working longer hours lately which is really cool. i mean i
only make 7.40 an hour but i make around 70 a day. i feel
like i need to be in school ,but im lost at where to start.
i have also been thinking of arturo lately. maybe its
because his baby is due, but i mean i shouldnt be thinking
of him like this. in mid second, if it gets really bad ill
jsut start to cry on the spot. i need meds, but i took my
self off them and i been somking tons of pot lately too.
any how ill try to keep posted, and not leave so long of
gaps before the next time i write