Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
2003-05-11 01:07:27 (UTC)

Livin' It

Hey it's me again. My ex-best friend, Christin,
stole my friend, Benn's, hat, sweatshirt, and notebooks out
of his locker and threw his notebooks in the lunchroom
garbage, was wearing his sweatshirt, and hid his BROTHER's
$50 hat. This happened a few days ago and Benn asked me to
help him out so we went to the principle and told her. She
won't tell anyone, not even the principle, where she put
the hat. She's like the biggest stalker I've ever known.
It's like the movie, "Swimfan". Seriously, cuz Benn likes
this chick, named Linzy, alot and Christin I swear is gonna
do something stupid to Linzy too.
Isaac, my best friend, I talked to like all day
today and all nite last nite. He's helped me out w/ all my
problems w/ everything. He's the koolest. I like how he's
such a good listener and gives me advice when I need it. He
also comes to me w/ his problems and trusts me w/
everything, as I do w/ him. I try and give him the best
advice possible cuz, I dunno, I care about him and don't
want him to get stuck in a stupid situation. But seriously
tho, Isaac treats me like an angel and I just told him that
all I want to be is friends cuz it's all I wanna be w/ him.
I got my kick-ass b/f who I'm in love w/ and no one,
not even Isaac, can make me change my mind. I mean, I'd
understand if he don't like me anymore,my b/f I mean. I
mean, I don't have much, if any, self-confidence and I'm
constantly putting myself down and when he gives me a
compliment I just say "no, quite lieing to me". I bet it
really pisses ppl off. So, if your reading this hun, I'm
sorry and trying to change for you. I love you and miss you
SOOOOO much.
My dad is moving. He's gonna quit his job as a
lawyer bcuz it's really stressful and find a new
job...anywhere. He wants to move away from Michigan and I
don't blame him. My mom and dad are divorced and a few days
ago, while me and my dad were out to dinner, he asked me if
I wanted to move w/ him where ever he goes. He said he's
prolly gonna get this one job that he already applied for
in Appleton, Wisconsin, but otherwise he wants to move to
Cinncinatti, Ohio, Madison, Wisconsin, Denver, Colorado,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, or anywhere in California. I hope
we move to California bcuz, there and Phoenix, are my two
places I wanna move to. I wanna move to L.A. bcuz that
really seems like an awesome place and I love tunz of ppl
cuz I live in a tiny town of about 1,000 ppl in the Upper
Peninsula of Michigan and so I want something WAY different
cuz I hate it here. I've been to Phoenix, actually just a
week ago, and I LOVED it. It was like the best place ever.
That's where Isaac lives. That's not why I love it there.
In fact, I didn't even see him there. I just love the
location, the weather, the city. It is great there. I wanna
be a nanny or some shit there when I'm 16 for a summer. I
think that would be awesome cuz it'd give me a better
perspective of the city and how lyfe is like there and not
just like how I was there for a few days.