2003-05-11 00:00:39 (UTC)

May 10, 2003

You know those days that you can't find anything nice to
wear? I do I have been having one of those days every day.

You see I went to see an ex of my why I don't know, but I
kissed him and all these feelings of guilt and lust and
betrayal and hurt and love came rushing in and now I can't
stop thinking about my ex's and how i treated them and how
they treated me and how stupid i was to ever fall in love.
If I could turn back time I would go right back to those
days that nothing ever bothered me I think it was around
grade nine that things seem normal. I feel this feeling of
hopelessness mow I have slowly lost faith in people and I
don't trust anyone.

Even Work my love and my passion has bored me and I can't
stop crying I wish all this had to do with the break up
with Nelson but it doesn't it is the felling of having
nothign nice to wear.

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