hello kitty cat
2003-05-10 20:27:41 (UTC)

why's all in good fun

CzarinaPulseczar: and now I pay less rent for more space
and my own bathroom and walk in closet
Mangled: thats great
CzarinaPulseczar: yeah
Mangled: yeah i need to see your house
Mangled: bwuaha
CzarinaPulseczar: yeah it's nice
CzarinaPulseczar: lol
Mangled: and no jason saying i cant come
CzarinaPulseczar: we don't have any furniture though
CzarinaPulseczar: lol yeah
CzarinaPulseczar: god jason is a fag
Mangled: YES!
Mangled: agreed
CzarinaPulseczar: lol
Mangled: you can copy and paste this to him even
Mangled: someone needs to tell him
Mangled: hes rude too
Mangled: and thinks he does nothing wrong
CzarinaPulseczar: everyone tells him, I know I've told
him enough times
Mangled: then thats a hint right there
CzarinaPulseczar: lol