Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-05-10 19:22:51 (UTC)

Just about to say it...

Frankie told me that he was going out with Raiza and my
heart like stopped... I really liked him =' but oh well i
am happy for him becuase he is my best friend i mean c'mon
there is nothing i can do now! I told frankie the night
that him and raiza were going out that I had liked him and
he was like why didnt u tell me 6 hours ago? I said I was
going to and i did i just didnt think u would ask Raiza out
YET Well i am not jealous I really am not. I can go on like
every other day with good ole' Frankie. I NEVER said Kelsey
likes every guy she see's and that a bunch of shit but w/e
ppl say things that aren't true and i hate it when people
say stuff that they dont know shit about. I understand
Kelsey likes some guys BIG deal we all do eventually right?
unless ur a lez? are you hmmm... But anywayz I am really
tired so i am going to go to bed!