Nick's Journal
2003-05-10 18:49:25 (UTC)

Pool Hall

so now exams are finally over and i can write in my
journal. i got home today and went pretty much directly to
the pool hall with the guys. it's really weird there, i
mean these are definetly the lowest forms of life
(including me). i mean it's actually kind of crazy to see
how they act and so, like their flirtation rituals. plus
they all looked like they were out of the 80s, what with
their big hair and so on. but waht really got to me was
the music.
you see it was karaoke, and these chicks from the pool hall
would all go up there and sing. one was this 50 yr. old
laddy who apparently sings there every night, that sorta
made me sad, i mean to think that this is what makes her
day. does it even make her day? i wonder what goes
through her mind when she's up there singing, does she
think that she's wasted her life away, or that she's living
it to the fullest. i guess i could atleast go ahead and
talk to her, i wonder too much i'm sure if i talked more
i'd get more answers. but anyhow most of the girls had
great voices, and i'm sure they'd be on american idol if it
weren't for the fact that they were all 300 lb
that really shows a cynical side to our music industry.
how can anyone say that most record labels are not just
factories spewing out the closest thing we have to
genetically engineered humans. i mean they get these pop
stars (britney spears, justin timberlake) ever since they
wre little kids on the mickey mouse club. it's really
eerie how they almost in a sense "breed" these ultra good
looking "talented" experiments. cos that's what they
really are. those that fail are just wiped under the
carpet. but i mean they don't really look at talent it's
all about marketability, and essentially that's american
i dont' know i just thought about that cos i felt so bad
for these girls who had such talent but just didn't
have "marketable looks". well maybe they were happy
anyhow, hell i'm not so sure that the famous ones are that
happy themselves.......1 more week till juliann comes