2003-05-10 17:45:01 (UTC)


If I said I was looking for more reasons to love you
or reasons to stop loving you
would there really be any difference?

It amazes me that people focus on their common interests
as their only strength. I find equally important are the
differences that cause one or the other or both to get
stirred and provoked. Difference is what keeps things

I guess in part you scare me...totally scare me...because
being zeroed in on makes me feel like something bad is
about to happen to me. I KNOW its not you. Its some
emotional echo from my childhood. What precisely I cannot
put my finger on.

Truth is fatal faults are inherent in us all.

They keep us humble.

They keep us dependent on the only perfect ONE.

Did I ever tell you how shy I am?

Well...in a weird way...the more I know someone the more
shy I become.