Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-05-10 16:12:34 (UTC)

ok going to talk again

I am about the most pathetic guy

I Love, Love stories, girly movies if you will(or if you

I just watched "Someone Like You" and dang it if I didn't

I am such a wuss

the part that got me was the part where ashley judd's
sister had a miscarrage and her husband came in and told
her she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen

I want to be that kind of Husband

I want to love my wife more than any other human is capable
of loving and the only thing that can ever love her more
will be God.

I pray for her from time to time and I hope she does me

I had a friend ask me "why is so easy to fall in love with
the idea of falling in love?"

my answer was that I was impatient and I probably
unknowingly didn't "really" trust God

But in recent events in my life patience has become
something I have had to learn and so I have clung to God
more than usual

Yet I still yearn for true love

I know one day God will help me find it

I know God will help me find her and her me

and rushing into anything with anyone is not going to make
it happen any faster

other things that have helped me out this week, friends,
family, and the music of Travis, Weezer, Rufus Wainwright,
OKGO, Bright Eyes, Jeremy Egnik and more.

speakign of music:
my bands new website is up go check it out.
and in two weeks we will be playing at the Hard rock Cafe
in Atlanta for some record labels and with peoples help
hopefully we could make this dream a reality

well i am off to do my wash(laundry for everyone else)

and then to play an awesome show