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2003-05-10 14:31:33 (UTC)

i am wishing (wishing), for the one i love...to find me (to find me), Today (today)

btw the title for this is the song off of snow white.

Yeah, now i have decieded that the television and
movies r horrible things. They make you wish for
things. for instance: Yesterday i stayed home from school
and while i was home i watched a few TV shows. (in a very
odd order i might add) First i watched a big marathon of
dawson's creek. I am like in love with that show now but
anywayz it had pacey and joey falling in love and all the
sweet romantic things that pacey did for joey. It made me
want to have something like that. A relationship that
nothing went wrong in and everything was a fanatacy. Ok
moving on the next show i watched was a makeover story
which has nothing to do with this story. Moving on to
RELAVENT parts of my story. I then proceeded to watch a
wedding story. where they went through all the details and
the couple told their little love story and how they
planned to love each other for all fo eternity. WOW after
that i was like bring on the man and lets get hitched. So
at this point in my story i have been dating with joey and
pacey and then i got married with this couple on TV. ( i
get relly involoved in what goes on in the tube) Then what
other show could i tune into but a Baby story. It was the
sweetest show in the world. Yeah so by watching all these
shows i now have this longing(mores so than before)
to fall in love with my ideal soul mate, have a dream
wedding, and then have a sweet lil baby or four. See what i
mean. TV is a bad thing. i mean i guess its good for some.
but i mean usually the only show i watch is roswelll and
that show is fine by me. but you let me watch TV all day
long and i get the desire that take a long time to fufill
that i want to happen right now!!! Horrible Horrible thing
that Tube is!!!