[T]'s Demon World
2003-05-10 08:01:59 (UTC)


eh nothing's been happening in my life to blab on
paragraphs about. i think i'm going to get fired. my
supervisors/bosses are pissed at me. i'm a good worker when
i'm actually working, but yesterday i accidently slept in
and woke up at like 1pm so i just didn't go in. and when
i'm even AT work, i'm fucking up. dropping shit. the
cloudiness and my shaky hands comes and goes and right now
it's pretty tame which is okay. i don't have to go into
work tomorrow which i'm grateful for. it seems like i have
a good night - then a bad night - good night - two bad
nights - so tomorrow i'm predicting is bad, unless tonight
is on it's way to 'going away totally'.

anywayy.. i'm sitting here smoking.. chatting.. and
listening to music.. nothing too interesting. nothing is
ever interesting around here. same ole shit. i work. i get
fired from work. i sit. i chat. i find new work. i get
fired from that work. blah blah blah. as i said, nothing is
going to change. i can't afford to get a new place because
my rent is insanely low here, but i figure because the
place is so incredibly shitty.

i hate when people tell me to cheer up, it could be worse,
but really, it can't get worse. what could be worse? if
anyone out there in fod cyber land thinks they can top my
fucking unbelivably shit filled life - please - enlighten
me. i am interested.


man.. i'm not even going to write anymore. fuck. yeah
something just turned me off of writing in here. god,
everybody just go away and leave me alone. just leave me
the fuck alone, i'm sick of bullshit.