Me and More
2003-05-10 06:28:24 (UTC)


Lost inside
Wondering how to escape
Should I even try
Should I surrender to the darkness

I want to give up
Lose this pain I feel
Tearing me up
Eating my soul

I have lost the will to care
I have no love left
The darkness gets bigger
Swallowing everything I have

I thought you were my way out
But you let me down
I tried to be happy
I tried to care

But you wouldn't let me
You kept pushing me away
over and over again
I give up

I'll slit my wrist
Fall asleep forever
Never to have loved
Never to be in pain again

This is your fault
You handed me the blade
You didn't care
Are you happy now

My peaceful end is near
I'll lay down and give in
Forever shall I be in my blackness