forever changing
2003-05-10 06:26:42 (UTC)

sweet nothings

it has been one week but it semms like it has been so much i went over to mikes house and we hung out. it
was great. so for this week has been really awesome, mike
and i have talked on the phone every night except tuesday
cause i worked late tuesday, but i would call him at 10:30
and we would talk, and on saturday we had a really good
conversation and it is so great cause both of us really
just opened up to each other about stuff that had happened
and all the bs that is in our lives that we can' escape
because of blood ties and well yea it was a really good
talk i feel like i can tell him anythingand that he feels
the same. it is hard for me to tell people about what has
happened in my life wiht out having them have to ask just
the right question and with him because i know he is a
cautious person about who he becomes emotionally attached
to and talks to and knowin gthat he feels comfortable
opening up to me makes me feel so much better about being
able to open up to him.
its great cause when we are together we can both be really
romantic at times but also we can just be plain weird and
we have so much fun together. i haven't told very many
people that we are goin out mainly cause we are trying to
keep our personal stuff, well . . . personal and it really
hasn't come up. a few of my close friends know and wel
everyone else just is either oblivious or some other shnit
i think david knows but he wants me to tell him or
something. he keeps lokking at me weird every time i
mention mike or relationships in general it is kinda odd.
mike goes to sierra foothill and i guess everyone there
thinks he is insane so they think his girlfriend is insane
also, and well there is a dance tomarrow and we are goin to
go and i am goin to wear my slutty black tank with his
fishnet shirt and either my short black skort or jeans im
not quite sure which yet . . . probably the jeans. ummmm oh
yea yesterday mike came over to meet my mom and it was cool
my mom said he seemed really really nice so that is a good
today when i was over at his house he whispered something
in my ear in portugese and when i asked what it menat he
said he would tell me later. i really want to know what it
means but he said that basically he loves me and that he
would tell me the translation later because it is really
romantic or something. then when he dropped me off i told
him "you never told me what it meant" and he said that he
promises he will tell me tomarrow. :) wow i am so happy
with him i love to just lay in his presence and it is so
relaxing to me to just be with him.
the night before last we were talking on the phone and he
told me i was beautiful and i pretty much told him he was
on crack and he went on adn took my breath away. he told me
that i had a natural beauty and that it matched with my
personality adn that it my beauty was just who i was and
not trying to be someone else and that is a big part of my
beauty and that it is rare to find someone who doesn't try
to faunt their beauty and i don't and it is even more rare
to find some one that is attractive who doesn't try to
flaunt it and then he went on to tell em that i was a very
secial person in a good way adn even more thati am special
to him and that he is really happy just being with me and
he can't find a flaw with us being together because there
is nothing he has to deal with or handle and he went on
about all these things adn i was completly speechless and i
was shaking becasue i was just thinking oh my god. his
words are so sincere and i was . . . i can't explain it, i
think i am still just in a state of awe because he is so
incredible. he is . . . amazing in so many ways
he makes me feel so great and i just . . . *sigh* i just
am . . .*sighs again* i can't explain but i just am