my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-05-10 04:05:48 (UTC)


wow yea i havent written in a while. um.... i took my
biology final. i got 104 % on it. out of al lthe
questions(not counting the essay's) i didn't get any wrong..
which is great for me. lol. imean ive gotten b and c's on
all the tests infact i think i got a d on one of the m
idunno so getting an a rocks. also we did blood typing in
biology and i am o negative. go figure. mrs afraid of
needles is a universal donor. what else is new!? i dont
think anything. im 17?? have i written since then? i dont
know. any way im gonna go because couldn't u know it, when i
have time to write i dont know what to say!! sooo bye.