duhs world
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2003-05-10 03:18:34 (UTC)

wel another few days

well its all been good until things started to be messed up
in my life. the guy i like seems to not even care. i can
ask for one thing and the oppsit will happen. i care and
he knows that and i think he takes advantage of it. i do
want him back but i also dont want to be used. but i guess
isnc ehave have my bed i have to lay in it. no one will
ever care about me and even want me around, unless i got
money or i am working and they want to be hooked up or
something. well i am tired fo everything now i just want
someoen who cares for me and that will say yes i am fucking
her or yes i do care for her to his friends. well sinc ei
am preganant i will never find someone like that. who will
want a single mom and even be near me. well i guess thats
my life nowi have to deal

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