2003-05-10 03:09:31 (UTC)


Another rough story/sketch, needs major editing but I can't
deal with it right now. None of it is factual.

The tears splashed onto my bright pink shirt,
creating wet polka dots. In a way, I expected this to
happen and I am strong, or at least I used to be. He stood
a little ways off, unsure of how to react to my tears, not
knowing what he was waiting for but not expecting anything.
I thought back to what he said and kicked myself
for my naiveté. I trusted her as much as I trusted him.
It was I who introduced them to each other, I who
encouraged him to take her places when he had bought her
tickets for two and my sports practices ran over and I
encouraged their friendship. How I continued thinking
everything was all right while others who pitied me told me
their suspicions, completely evaded me. I had noticed the
way they looked at each other, the times when he
always “just assumed” that my practices would end late and
take her out but the thought never crossed my mind that
they would betray me.
“No,” I replied and I could feel his eyes plead in
pain but I could not bring mine to meet his.
He left the room silently, his words spoken and my
one, understood. Out that door went four years love and
laughter, the best of friendships and the memories. Out
went my past but I would not let him rob me of my future.