Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-05-10 03:01:25 (UTC)


yeah another boring week that ended out just the same as it
started!! Yeah i think suzana is still mad at me and i
also belive the Melissa is mad at me as well. What for the
world may never know. But yeah since i have ditched i hung
out with nina and it was very interesting. we played
basketball in the courts at the parks and made complete
asses of are self. then we bounced the ball over the tennis
nets and we walked home but we had great convos and we
realized so amazing things. lol we laughed for hours and
played on the comp and talked bout things that happened
over the week. And tommorow i have my bottle dirve and
then me and nina are going to the mall and then to her
house for a a bond fire wahoo!!!! lol