Joy's Online Journal
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2003-05-10 02:51:35 (UTC)


Well, today was just another day at work, though things
are not the best right now. I can feel my mind reverting
to it's former way of thinking. I worry about what people
are going to think about me doing things, and I worry that
they'll talk about me when I'm not around. I haven't felt
like eating much either, and I can tell that something is
going on with my head. My lower abdominal area has been
hurting a lot as well. I probably need to go to the doctor
about it, but I'm scared of what they might find. What if
it's something really wrong? What if my reproductive parts
are screwed up? Maybe it's nothing and will go away, but
I'll go to the doc anyhow. I need to do something about my
problems. Swifty said eh would give me some good spiders
for doing his website, though i feel kinda bad about
that....he told me that they're expecting their 2nd child,
and i know he's worried about money and stuff. I don't
want him to have to lose money for me. Some of the spiders
he was talking about are fairly expensive. I'm glad he
likes my work, though. It means a lot to have someone tell
me I do a good job.

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