hello kitty cat
2003-05-10 01:21:44 (UTC)

things are coming together...

I have been having an incredible last couple of days. Me
and Mike went to see Meshuggah...and last night was really
amazing for me. I've just been having a really great time.
Mike is a really beautiful person, I love him more than I
think he knows. I love to see him happy. I could go on and
I went for a job interview at American Eagle..I know all
the people that work there I'm pretty damn sure
I got the job.
I'll tell you though...on the way home I almost fucking
died....this stupid ass pulled onto 620 from some store
parking lot..didn't look at all at the road... and swerved
all the way into the far lane and almost fucking hit
me...thank god there was no one behind me so I just slammed
on my breaks and barely missed them...then the stupid ass
just fucking sat there in the turning lane just staring at
me as I honked and drove the hell away.....what an idiot.
So I just got home and I'm taking a break from cleaning
*this apartment really needed to be cleaned*
I also have to fill out some paper work for ACC..meh.
WELL-I guess I'll get back to cleaning house.